Telephony Solutions


N-CTRL offers two different types of telephone solutions. There is your standard, traditional digital telephone system which requires standard lines, and then there is a VoIP solution, which is run over your internet. There are pros and cons to both systems. Whichever you decide is the best fit for you business, N-CTRL is here to see you through the door.

A traditional digital telephone system is a standard telephone system. Depending on the complexity of your operation, a traditional phone system should handle the situation. We can connect as many telephones to as many lines as your business operation requires. We have MOH (Music On Hold) options, as well as Voicemails and Direct Dial Numbers. Our product lines include (but are not limited to) the following industry leading brands:

  • Toshiba
  • Cisco
  • Polycom
  • Avaya
  • NEC

A VoIP system runs over the internet. We generally like to access your current and future business model to qualify you for a VoIP system. Our VoIP system is hosted through Star2Star, an American company out of Sarasota, Florida, and we are licensed re-sellers. (A complete read up on the Star2Star VoIP system can be found by clicking the link above.) VoIP systems are generally the best fit for companies with large facilities with multiple lines, or a company with multiple locations. Since you are running your telephone system over the internet, you no longer need all of the traditional lines that you would need with a standard digital system. This can lead to an enormous amount of long term savings, all while upgrading your business to a new, state of the art phone system. Our product line for our VoIP system includes the following Tier-1 brands:

  • Cisco
  • Yealink
  • Polycom
  • Panasonic

VoIP systems and traditional systems may seem the same, but the differ tremendously. It requires an in depth assessment of your business to find out the best solution for your company. You can call or email us by clicking on the contact link for more information.

All of our services are offered on our Total CTRL Support Plan, but not all of our services are offered as a break/fix solution. Click the link above to view or services guide and see what options are available.


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