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N-CTRL offers several different options for companies looking for a unique solution from an MSP (Managed Service Provider). Below you will notice a list of our services, and each service will have three columns beside it under our Total CTRL Planner: Packaged, Optional, and Break/Fix. A “Y” inside of the box means that it is offered in that individual plan,while an “N” means it is not.

Packaged is our Total CTRL Support Plan. The TCSP is an annual contract (signed in 12, 24, and 36 mos. commitments) where N-CTRL provides your company with Managed Services. Our Total CTRL plan can be completely customized to fit your business’s needs by simply checking off what services you do or don’t want. Inside of the spreadsheet, we already have our “basic” Packaged Plan filled out. These are services that most companies feel they want  from us on an annual basis. By simply checking or unchecking the services you feel are best for your company, you can easily make a plan that works for you.

Optional means you can add to or remove from a plan. This allows for complete customization of a plan for your unique needs. There are only two options that can not be optional on annual contract, Remote Monitoring and Patch Management. This is because for us to make sure your systems are operating at an optimized level, we have to ensure uptime by constant monitoring and patching of the software and hardware inside your network.

Break/Fix are solutions that we offer for companies that may not want to sacrifice capital spending in their budget with an MSP. These options are offered per incident and will be invoiced accordingly. This provides an excellent opportunity for a company who may only need our services when a problem arises within their network.

Total CTRL Service Guide

Total CTRL Planner




Remote Monitoring

With our remote monitoring system, N-CTRL is notified and able to detect any problems within your network before it affects you. Y Y N

Remote Management

Our state-of-the-art management system provides our engineers with the ability to access and take control of your network devices, performing remote fixes in most situations. Y N N

Off-site Management

N-CTRL is able to back up any critical data remotely and automatically from our Network Data Center, making sure lost data never occurs. HIPAA compliant. Y Y N

Spy/Virus Protection

We install and manage anti-spyware and anti-virus software on your computer, helping to prevent hackers and harmful virus from harming your network. Y Y N

Health Reports

One of our Network Technicians will deliver a monthly Health Report and walk you through the condition of your network. This report details a monthly history of incidents and their results, network up-time, and proactive maintenance on our part. Y  Y Y

Asset Reporting

With our automated tools, we scan your network daily and detail a list of hardware and software currently part of your network. We are notified of any changes. Y  Y Y

Hardware As A Service (Haas)

On a rental option, N-CTRL supplies, configures, and refreshes all of your network’s hardware. At a fixed monthly rate, N-CTRL keeps you running on the latest systems.  Y Y N

Email Hosting

N-CTRL can setup and host your business email account, providing you with the options that best fit your model. We also offer a hosted Exchange. N Y N

Email Support

We work to fix any problems your email account is experiencing (even if the account is not hosted by N-CTRL). Y Y Y

Phone Systems and Support

Whether it’s a PRI, PBX, or VOiP system, we fix, patch and upgrade a variety of top brands like Cisco, Toshiba, Polycom, and Avaya. We also provide support for things such as Voicemail and Unified Messaging. Ask about our VOiP hosting options. Y Y Y

Patch Management

With the constant push for advancements in the software industry, major companies like Microsoft release updates constantly. Our systems check your network daily and make necessary patches ensuring the version you are running is current and secured. Y N Y


Relocations can be difficult. That’s why our experts here at N-CTRL consult with your company, providing you with the best options on moving and situating your communications network at a new location. N Y Y

Preventative Maintenance

N-CTRL’s expert technicians perform monthly, quarterly, or annually preventative maintenance check-ups on your systems. This ensures a reduced downtime, healthy network, and firm security. Y Y Y

Network Design

Updating or purchasing a new network can be confusing. N-CTRL’s expert engineers consult with you to plan out and create a network that is the right fit for your business model. N Y Y

Product Procurement

N-CTRL handles the headache of having to purchase the right hardware. We order and configure network servers , business grade computers, and phone systems from top tier brands such as Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba, Cisco, and Polycom to name a few. N Y Y


Whether it’s cabling an existing building or a new building, N-CTRL installs the proper cabling to get your systems operating at an optimum level. Voice, Data, and Fiber Optics. N Y Y

Project Management

From product procurement, network design, systems upgrades, or HW and SW integrations, N-CTRL manages projects from start to end. N Y N


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