Cabling Solutions


network-cabling-tunnelIn the world of business, now more than ever before, relationships are initiated and maintained with the use of a reliable communication infrastructure. Nearly all transactions involve telephone, fax, or e-mail, making your cabling network the backbone of a successful business. Unique organizations require unique solutions. N-CTRL is the technological partner you need to develop customized, reliable, and flexible cabling solutions.

We can handle voice, data, security, video, wiring, cabling, and wireless connectivity for many different network levels. Many companies only perform selected jobs, such as running cable, but are unable to complete the whole job. This often leaves you in a situation where you need to hire several companies for cabling, connecting/terminating jacks,or connecting equipment. N-CTRL takes care of every part of the job for computer/phone wiring and cabling. No delays, no confusion, no mistakes, and no extra expense.

Our scope of work includes the following services and solutions:
  • Phone Jacks/ Systems
  • Category 3 voice
  • Category 5 networking
  • Coax
  • Fiber Optics (any variation)
  • Underground
  • Feeder/ Demarcation
  • P.A./ Paging
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Termination
  • Design
  • Mapping
  • Cons


We take tremendous pride in our clean cabling installations. You can be assured that our experience and dedication to professional standards, will result in a completed job that will meet both your present and future needs, and remain trouble free for years.

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