it enineers in network server roomN-CTRL Managed Services

N-CTRL is an Information and Communications Technology company providing services for hardware and software with voice, data, and fiber optic capabilities. With complete, comprehensive pricing we are able to provide you the right service for the right price.

IT Services

With knowledge of several major industry policies, guidelines, and standards, N-CTRL is to handle a multitude of jobs in the IT world. Offering managed services and break/fix solutions for hardware and software, we can specialize a plan meant for your company’s specific needs and requirements. N-CTRL offers a 24/7/365 monitoring solution, as well as immediate onsite support during business hours. As N-CTRL grows and expands, we are always adding new network techs to our team, bringing new dynamics and capabilities to our company,and allowing us to take on more work. Click the IT Services link to see a full in depth detailing of the services and product brands.

IT specialistTelecommunication

N-CTRL offers both standard, digital telephone systems from all of the top brands in the industry, as well as  a Star2Star hosted VoIP system. We can patch, support, design, install, and perform maintenance on just about every brand of telephone systems. Our technicians are some of the top in the field, and we make sure that your telephone system is operating at an optimum level. That way we can ensure the productivity of your company through your telecommunications channels. Click the Telecommunications link see a full in depth detailing of services and product brands.


N-CTRL works with your business or organization to make sure that all of the proper cabling is in place to support a new system, or the expansion of a current system. If it is a new building you are interested in having cabled, N-CTRL can send you a comprehensive, provided you are able to send us the scope of work. For existing buildings, it is a matter of us seeing the scope of work and what types of systems you will be putting into place. Click the Cabling link for a more in depth detailing of services.