Meet the Duo Who’s Vision Pushes N-CTRL Forward:

 DSC_0256Scott Mikula and Chris Armstrong are the two driving forces behind N-CTRL. While there may be many more pieces to this puzzle, they are ultimately the reason for N-CTRL’s success. It is their combined vision of being the leading company in Managed Services for Information and Communication Technologies that pushes N-CTRL forward. Their belief in having unity with one another is exercised everyday in the office and in the field. 


Scott MikuaScott Mikula (Founder/ Owner/ IT Expert)

With over 15 years of experience in the IT field, Scott Mikula set forth with a vision 9 years ago on a mission to own and operate the best IT company imaginable. Starting up N-CTRL with a close friend of his in 2005, Scott worked hard to position himself where he is today. Making the proper connections and keeping a die-hard work ethic, Scott has made N-CTRL one of the most reliable Information and Communications Technology firm in the area.

Originally from Michigan, Scott Mikula attended the University of Michigan for three years for Architectural Design before feeling the need to take his life in a different direction. Scott joined the United States Military during the Desert Storm conflict for Flight Operations. Joining the Army was a decision that Scott says, “was the best [he] had ever made.” Giving him the sense of structure and discipline he needed, Scott became driven to accomplish the goals he set for himself.

In his free time, Scott loves bicycling through the mountains, playing video games, and spending weekends with his two sons. He also enjoys bow hunting, fly fishing, and anything outdoors. Scott is an avid Wolverines fan.


 Chris ArmstongChris Armstrong (CEO and Managing Partner/ Telecom Specialist)

Chris Armstrong started his career in the telecommunications field back in 1981 as an apprentice, after being honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps. Chris worked his way up through the ranks of the industry as he gained more experience, showcasing his natural ability to lead and his keen eye for attention to detail. Being in charge of several national telecommunications companies and venturing out to start up a few of his own, is just another reason why Chris Armstrong deserves all the respect and recognition he receives. And after 33 years in the business, Chris is still unafraid to get out the field and get his hands dirty with the other technicians.

Born in Texas, Chris exudes Southern charm while demonstrating class and professionalism in and out of the office. With a long resume that stretches to the floor, and a filing cabinet filled with certificates, his vast knowledge of the communications field is surpassed by few. It is Chris’s desire to please his client that leads his employees to follow suit.

Chris has been baseball fan since childhood. He has raised all six of his boys to play the game, and uses the values associated with the sport to teach them life lessons. You can find Chris most days after work on the ball field, or in a church with his family.










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